Training Facilities Amenities and Services at ASCI

ASCI has two campuses (Bella Vista and College Park) at Hyderabad, each within a distance of about 3 kms. Both the campuses are located in the heart of the city. The campuses have full-fledged, well-equipped air-conditioned conference / lecture rooms with facilities like computers, Internet, audio-visual facilities and office-automation aids.

Residential Facilities 

On-campus, air-conditioned single occupancy accommodation would be provided to the participants in the executive hostels on the campuses. The rooms are well equipped with good living facilities such as TV, telephone, electric kettle, etc. Facilities for laundry exist. Bed linen and towels are provided. One newspaper (English language) of their choice is made available to the participants in their hostel rooms.

Board and Dining Facilities 

The campuses have full-fledged dining facilities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea/coffee and light refreshments are served at specified hours. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes are served and they cater to South-Asian tastes.

Computer Internet and WIFI Facilities 

The campuses have a good computer network and dedicated high-speed Internet connection. The campuses are Wi-Fi enabled. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops / tablet PCs so that they could connect and use the Internet on the campuses. For those participants without their own laptops / tablet PCs, computers with Internet connection (as a common pool) are provided on the campuses

Medical Facilities 

The campuses have medical centres with a medical doctor and nursing sister in attendance during specified hours of the day.  There is a pharmacy in the medical centre at the Bella Vista campus that has specified working hours. Outpatient services (including medicines) in the medical centre(s) are free of cost for the participants. It is a mandatory pre-requisite that participants get themselves covered for the entire duration of the Program by comprehensive health-care insurance coverage, either on their own or by their respective employers / sponsors.

Library Facilities 

ASCI has one of the finest libraries with a rich collection of books and journals on various aspects of functional and sectoral management disciplines. Participants are encouraged to use this facility liberally. There is a wide variety of online learning resources like journals and information databases that ASCI subscribes to. Access to these online resources is available on 24*7 basis.

Sports and Games 

Sports and games facilities exist for swimming, billiards, chess, tennis, table tennis, badminton, caroms, croquet etc. Gymnasium facility is also available. Some of the facilities are campus-specific.

Recreation Facilities 

To provide relaxation and rejuvenation, ASCI programs also offer, subject to availability of time in the course schedule, extra-curricular activities in the form of city sightseeing opportunities, cultural programmes and get-togethers.

Airport Transfer Facilities 

All participants arriving into Hyderabad by air would be picked up from the airport (on their inward journey) and dropped at these locations (on their outward journey) as part of the programme package. These transfers from airport to ASCI and vice-versa could be in shared mode (maximum 3 guests per car).

Yoga Classes 

Yoga classes by an expert are organized by ASCI every day in the mornings. Participation, though voluntary, is encouraged.