Design and Engineering Services

Tower Loading Validation Activity

TLVA is a design engineering activity where sites are being classified into design families based on existing site data collected from field and subsequent analysis for each tower will be taken and it is carried out to establish extra capacity on the tower with or without strengthening of the tower.

Design evaluation of new built sites and reverse engineering analysis for existing towers

The geometrical details of the existing towers can be taken by using the mapped data which is obtained from the tower climbers and this process of climbing the towers and mapping the data is called Reverse Engineering.

Geo Technical Investigation-Soil Test Reports

The geotechnical investigation is one of the first steps in the new development process and can be critical in planning property enhancements or completing detailed condition of the property.

Our Design and Engineering services include

Telecom :

  • Design evaluation of new built sites, reverse engineering analysis of existing towers.
  • Tower loading validation analysis and pole loading validation analysis.
  • Tower Design and detailing for different antenna loadings.
  • Foundation Designs for Ground Based and Roof Top Towers.
  • Structural stability and analysis of existing buildings.
  • SERC/IIT Approvals for new Designs.
  • Soli testing and Investigation.

Transmission Lines ::

  • Structural Designs for transmission towers.
  • Detail and check survey for transmission lines.
  • SERC/CPRI Approvals and Tower Testing.
  • Soil testing and Investigation

Industrial and Residential Buildings:

  • Site survey and layout preparation.
  • Structural Design & Drawings for Industrial and Residential Buildings.
  • Architectural plans.
  • Site inspections, quality and quantity audits

Our Client Base Include